Tips for building the iron fence on your own

Well if so just this he tips on making your own home iron fence. Here are the tools and materials you need to complete that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to call the fence contractor near you to help you build your fence professionally.

Tools and materials

If you have used an iron but still good and worthy of use, you can use it as an additional material to make a fence.

Welding equipment, to connect the iron. If you do not have welding equipment, you can go to the welder to connect the iron.

Lock slots for fencing.

Meter to measure the length of iron and fence area.
Oil paint for final finishing.

Creation Steps

Simple enough and very easy to make a home iron fence with a simple model like the fence model below and following the steps.

The first step you should do is measure the width and height of the fence you will make according to the width and height of the fenced yard of your house, if for the picture above the height of the fence 1 meter and the width of half a meter.

If you get the size, you can cut the irons into several parts in accordance with its size into several pieces. For the picture above there are 12 pieces for the height and 2 pieces for the width of the top and bottom.

Then organize the irons you cut into a series of iron fences according to the image above.

Then weld the fence with a welding tool, if you do not have a welding tool you can go to the welder by bringing all the pieces of iron with the following key. Welding iron is not too expensive, do not be afraid if later the price is even more expensive than the sale price of the finished fence.

After the pieces of iron welded and have become a series of iron fences, the next stage is the finishing stage is painting the fencing stage.

A can of oil paint can be enough, then paint the fence as a whole one layer of paint just enough. If you want to get maximum results, you can paint with multiple layers.