4 Excellent tips

The exhibition event is a great tool for small businesses to introduce and promote their products directly to consumers. By following the exhibition event is expected more and more who know and not impossible to become a subscription in the future. You should take advantage of exhibition events as a way to increase your small business sales. Meanwhile, you might also want to check out the inflatable marquee for your next events.

However, most visitors who come to the exhibition do not stop at all booths. To attract visitors, you need to present a stand that has its own uniqueness and charm. Here is a strategy of “calling” visitors to come to your booth.

1. Choose a Strategic Stand Location

You have to choose a strategic location and easily accessible to visitors. Try to get a place in the front row or near the entrance. Because visitors are still eager to see in the front row stand.

2. Interesting Shape Stand

In addition to seeing the products on display, visitors tend to see an interesting display stand. For example, you decorate it with a cartoon or colorful theme. You should think about how to make your stand more prominent than other stands. If necessary, create decorations with your own creations, which will impress people with their designs. An attractive stand will make them want to see up close.

3. Display the Most Unique and Striking Product on the Front

At the exhibition stand, surely visitors will first see the products on display in front. So make sure you display products that have a bright color and a unique shape, which if you can “call” visitors to come. That way, then visitors will also be appetizing to see your other products.

4. Provide Discounts

Discounting at an exhibition by posting big posts like “50% discount”, “buy two get one” is always effective to bring in visitors. It is a stimulus for visitors to see your product. Indeed, the risk is you will get fewer profit margins. But in this way, your sales will increase more rapidly than ever before.

The thing to be aware of is that you’ve done a financial projection of your sales during the event. So, the profit will still get when everything is done.