How to construct a concrete house foundation

Calculations to be made for the home concrete foundation are not only for short term but also for Long term. As a foundation, it will be the base of the building itself. And this foundation that will be able to support the house in order to stand upright firmly. One of the advantages of making a strong home foundation is a long-lasting home, the walls will not crack or break, the floor will not break even down and cracked, and the risk of homes will be drastically reduced. For the type of foundation itself, there are 2 kinds of deep foundation and shallow foundation. The deep foundation is most commonly made for luxury homes and for simple houses built on solid soil and is best suited for shallow foundations. Meanwhile, if you’ve got problems with your foundation, just call the foundation repair in Pasadena TX.

Here are some tips you can do when you want to make a concrete home foundation:

Look back on the house plans that you plan to build besides pay close attention to detail size. Although there may be no floor plan surely you have the sketches right? It can be a reference in making the foundation later.

Then make also blow plank whose function as a delimiter or benchmark when you will work on the foundation. The blow plank should be adjusted to the column point of each foundation by installing nails and threads.

Next, make a foundation that is at least 40 cm deep. the bigger the house, the more luxurious and the higher the foundation should deepen.

After that put the bricks on the blow plank and continued with the installation of iron and the last pairs of sloof. The process of making the foundation of the house is no longer depending on the diligence of the workers of your building. Kind of there is a chicken claw foundation or the other.

Later to continue the construction of the house then wait until the foundation of the concrete house you have prepared is dry so that the maximum power. It does not hurt to make a solid and sturdy home base because you will enjoy it later.