How Laser Hair Removal Works

This technique of removing bristles using a laser was first introduced in 1995. With the technology is quite useful, able to remove the hair on the body becomes much more practical and more comfortable. You can do this treatment at

At first, the skin in the area that feathers want to be left will be done first by using a special gel. This gel becomes an intermediate medium between the heat of the laser tool with our skin. When radiation is done, the skin becomes warmer and occasionally aches as well as small pinched. However, this pain does not hurt if you do waxing. In the meantime, be sure to follow the operator’s instructions while the process is still ongoing, eg using special glasses to avoid eye exposure to the resulting laser beam.

Feathers in the area of the body that can be removed by using this technique are on the armpits, hands, feet, to bikini line. Different place, different also process work done. For example, there is also a need for shaving in the start, especially if the feathers are felt too long.