The good and the bad sides of making a front yard garden

There are some difficulties experienced when we create a garden that is located right in front of our house with a very minimalist home size. For some people do prefer to make a car garage rather than create a garden. Why does this happen? It’s Because some people think that the park is not important anymore at this time. Meanwhile, if you think to visit the landscaper near me, we recommend you to only trust the recommended ones in your area.

It is Because the thing most preferred by some people is the security of the vehicle that we have. Then also due to limited land, they are reluctant to make parks that they feel less useful for their daily activities because they do not know about the procedure of making a garden by utilizing a narrow land. Here are some of the difficulties experienced when creating a garden in front of the house, such as:

1. The soil is infertile

The soil is one of the most important media for plant growth. There are several plants that have different characteristics according to their adaptation. There are plants that can live on the fertile ground, there are also plants that live on the land that is barren.

2. The ground is already tiled

For the already tiled soil, we need not be confused how we should make a minimalist front garden of a narrow land that the land has been covered with tiles. This can be tricked with pot media which pots contain soil and also plants so plants can still grow around our homes.

The advantages of a minimalist front garden minimalist land

The advantages of a narrow garden are that we can arrange the arrangement of plants without the help of gardeners. In addition, the costs incurred for the treatment of these plants are not expensive because there are only a few plants that we can take care of ourselves when we have free time. Spare time can we use to take care of the plants that exist in our garden and also water the water. This park is not as extensive as other parks, but enough to help the process of air circulation in our homes.