Peripherals you must check when you rent a car

Car lights are very important as a means of lighting and communication especially during extreme conditions such as foggy or nighttime roads. Check all lights starting from headlamps, fog lamps, sign lights, Miami limo service   brake lights (rear lights), car headlights, emergency alert lights, etc. Make sure all lit, do not get checked out eh it turns on the road of the main lights off or the lights do not flame then our own hassles. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the recommended car service Miami as well.

Car fluid

The fluid of this car all kinds of water start radiator, battery water, brake fluid, wiper fluid, engine oil, transmission oil, etc .. Well in principle car tenants are entitled to get fluids within safe limits both in quantity and in quality of it.

Test Drive

Ask if it should be a test drive if possible then use to check the conditions on the way (handling, gas, brake). Usually, the rental gives a chance test drive in the scope of the rental.