What’s a whey protein?

Whey itself is one of the primary protein contained in various kinds of dairy products, namely mother’s milk, cow’s milk and formula milk. It can be said that whey protein is a complete protein consisting of essential and non-essential amino acids. Meanwhile, you may go to www.bulldognutrition.com to find various supplements with the high amount of protein.

The previous whey protein was just a waste of cheese making. Whey proteins can also be obtained from milk extraction which can then be used as a mixture of formula milk, bread, ice cream and so on. Yet today there are many products of whey protein to be consumed as a supplement to meet the needs of individual proteins. Characteristics of whey protein is a yellow-greenish color with a slightly acidic taste and fragrant aroma, although it has now been widely sold with a variety of flavors.

Selection of whey protein based on nutrient content

Before buying whey protein, it would be nice if carefully met the nutritional content contained in the whey protein in the packaging nutrition fact. Usually, whey protein has a protein content of 44 grams but with a large scoop up to 60 grams per serving.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the content of calories contained in whey protein that you will consume. If you are on a diet program, then you need to choose whey protein with a low-calorie content. Consider also the source of calories contained in whey protein. Normally, a good whey protein contains little or no sugar and fat content.